About Us

  • 1995

    Grand Battery Technologies is Born.

    Born in Singapore with a vision to bring inexpensive, environment-friendly, energy saving Grandcell rechargeable batteries to the market.

  • 2002

    Developed a New Technology.

    We developed a new solar lighting system called Grandsolar, with it’s base of operation in Singapore, using Grandcell rechargeable batteries for gardens and homes. Grandsolar lamps and Grandcell batteries are available in South Africa, Malaysia, China, Greece, Brazil and Spain.

  • 2009

    Launched in Indonesia.

    We are proud to announce the launch of our Grandsolar lamps in Indonesia in 2009.

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How It Works

Grandsolar garden lamps are solar lamps which operate without wiring and can be placed anywhere in your garden that has access to direct sunlight. They provide functional lighting for pathways or accent lighting for flowers and shrubbery. They are easy to install and come on automatically at night, while also turning off automatically when the sun rises.



Sunlight shines on the solar panel.


Solar Panel

The solar panel converts sunlight to electricity.



The electricity is used to charge the batteries inside the lamp for later use at night.


Lamp's Sensor

When the sun sets, the lamp’s sensor automatically detects this and the lamp turns on, with batteries providing power the the LED light bulbs.



The LED light bulbs provide illumination, drawing power from the batteries.



The process is repeated again the following day.

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